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Biden Blunders

Inflation: I see two major causes of the inflation that we are experiencing.  One is the infusion of money into the economy.  You cannot put more money in the system without increasing the cost of everything.  The second is by reducing the production of fossil fuels the end result will be an increase of the cost of gas.  The increase in the cost of fuel affects everything from the growing of crops to the delivery to the stores.  Every step of the way involves using fossil fuels.

Gas Prices:  The current administration would like to blame the cost of fuel on the Ukraine war and the greed of the Oil companies.  The truth is the cause lies solely on the Biden Administration.  When Biden took office, he shut down the Keystone pipeline and production on much of the government land.  He inherited energy independence.  We did not rely on anyone for our fuel needs During the Trump Administration.  The prices increased as we became dependent on other countries for our fossil fuel needs.  The prices at the pump increased well before the Ukraine war.  Granted the prices increased more after the beginning of the war, but that would not have happened if we continued to supply our own energy needs.  Biden will continue to blame others, but the fault lies with him.


Open Borders:  The Biden administration has been a complete failure in closing our borders.  President Trump inherited a massive influx of illegal aliens.  He instated the Stay in Mexico policy and built fences.  Biden stopped construction of the fences and reinstituted the Obama era Catch & Release policy resulting in hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens being released in our country.

Biden Blunders Lies & Distortions

Biden brags that gas prices were lower his first year in office than Trumps first year.

That is a fact, but only because Biden inherited Trump's gas prices whereas Trump inherited Obama's gas prices.  Gas prices increased in succeeding years under Biden whereas they decreased under Trump.

Biden claims that he reduced the deficit by 350 billion in 2021.

That is true and sounds good, but it is misleading.  You would think that he reduced the federal debt by 350 billion, but the federal debt increased in 2021.  All he did was to reduce the bloated amount of money that was allocated to expenses allocated for covid recovery.  An example is if you planned to spend five thousand dollars more that your income for a year you would have a deficit of 5 thousand dollars.  If in some way you were able to reduce that by 1 thousand dollars you would have reduced your deficit by 1 thousand dollars but would still have increased your debt, but only by 4 thousand dollars rather than 5.  This is a deception to make you think that he reduced the national debt which it increased under his administration.

Biden claims that the National debt increased under the Trump administration.

That is true, but there are many factors involved.  Obama neglected the needs of the military for years.  Trump need to restore the funds needed in order for the military to accomplish their mission.  Trump needed funds to protect our border.  Anytime Trump tried to get funds for such projects the Democrats would include funding for their pet projects in the bill.  If they didn't get what they wanted, they threatened to shut down the government.  To get his projects funded he had to do some give and take.  To be fair I am sure there were incidences where he could have been more fiscally responsible, but most of the blame goes to democrats for forcing their pet projects to be included in any bill.

Biden blames higher gas prices on the war in Ukraine.

Under Trump we were not dependent on any country for our oil needs therefor the war in Ukraine would have no influence on the price of gas in the US.  Biden claimed that he would reduce our consumption of fossil fuels, and he did just that.  The problem is that he shut down a good portion of our production of oil before providing for an alternat source. Bottom line the high price of gas is solely the fault of Biden and his policies and nothing else.

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