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My election recommendations

Advisory #39                                    Repealed

Advisory #40                                    Repealed

Senator                                            Tiffany Smiley

Representative CD2                         Dan Mathews

Secretary of State                            Brad Klippert (write-in-candidate)

State Rep. LD10 Position 1              Greg Gilday

State Rep. LD10 Position 2              Karen Lesetmoe 

Ct. Justice position1                         Unopposed

Supreme Ct. Justice position 2         Unopposed

Supreme Ct. Justice position 6         Unopposed

Island County Assessor                    Kelly Mauck

Island County Auditor                       Sheilah Crider

Island County Clerk                          Debra Van Pelt

County Commissioner Position 3      Tim Hazelo

Island County Coroner                     Unopposed

Island County Prosecutor attorney   Unopposed  

Island County Sheriff                        Lane Campbell

Island County Treasurer                   Tony Lam 

Supreme Court Judges                    All unopposed

District Court Judge                         Unopposed   

PUD Dist. 1 Comm. Dist 3                Ken Maertens


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