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Goal of this website is to provide honest information
gained through research & going through 400 emails daily.


I started this website while sucking oxygen for months.  I was dying of boredom, so I decided to

start a personal website.  I started it as just being a website about family but later decided to give the site a purpose.  I was kicked off a community site called Nextdoor for expressing my views which were considered misinformation, so I decided to bring my views on this site.  Before I did that however, I started with my end times page with the goal of preparing people to meet their maker.  I was in the hospital for 11 days total from covid and was not expected to survive.  I figured that God spared my life for some reason and presenting a salvation message might serve that purpose. Once completing that page, I realized that it wouldn't do any good unless I had a way to draw people to my web site.  The only way that I could do that is by providing daily updates.  With that in mind I started the political page where I update political information and current events daily.  I sort through over 400 emails a day and copy information that you will not normally see and that I think is of importance.  This led me to start other pages to share views that you will not get from the liberal media.  Those include my covid page, global warming page and other pages sharing my views.

When nothing makes any sense, I have to believe that the end times are coming.  I believe that we are just at the beginning.  I have no idea how long it will take whether it will be years or tens of years, but I believe it is nearer than we expect.  I explain my reasoning why I think that we are entering this period.  The real purpose of this section is to encourage people to be prepared to meet their maker.  We will all die sometime, whether it be hours or years from now.  I was told while in the hospital that the next 3 days would be critical.  At first, I thought of all the bad things that I had done in my lifetime and feeling unworthy, but then I realized I had accepted Christ as my personal savior and after that I was at peace. Other than having my bed mate screaming all night I slept well waking up each morning realizing that I was still here.

I have done a lot of studies about the covid vaccine.  Prior to doing my DD my wife and I were scheduled to get the shot.  After doing a lot of research I found that there were a lot of negatives to the shot and that it could be toxic. The only positive that I found is if you are current on the shots, you are somewhat less likely to die from covid.  The negative is that you are more likely to die or suffer from the consequences of the shot.  This is called misinformation which I hope to correct.  On this page I share my experience with covid in which I kept a daily record.

Anthropogenic global warming is a farce.  Man does not have the power to affect the climate.  We have the power to pollute the air, but not change weather.  There are too many things that have a much greater impact on climate than man such as sunspots, volcanoes and many other things that I address.  If man-made global warming was a factor the powers that be would never have change the fears to climate change from global warming.  Recently there have been years with little or no global warming and thus they had to call it climate change.

This is kind of my catch all page where I have current events that I update daily.  I have videos, cartoons and a section that I call chuckles.  I combine information with humor.  I also have a section where I address the 2020 election, the failures of the Biden administration & such.


These are just the pages that I started the web site with before I really had a direction. They are mainly intended for family and friends.

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