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Golf 1.jpg

L-R Chuck George Larry Lindenmayer Mike Navarre Owen Glace

Family Golf_edited.jpg

L-R Anita (Mike Mom) Mike Nikki Dick


Fishing Owen Boat.jpg

Tough Day Fishing

I land Fish.jpg
fish with John (2014_07_11 04_26_29 UTC)_edited.jpg

John Granger Mike

Dennis Mike.jpg

 Mike Dennis Hoggath
(notice The big guy has the little fish)

My Flying Days

My airplane20220422_edited.jpg
Airplane in flight20220422_edited.jpg

I was assigned to the Air Traffic Control field While in the military.  Being in that field I had the opportunity to do some flying which gave me the bug.  After getting out of the military I joined the FAA which allowed me to use my VA benefits for my flight training.  Through that I was able to get my commercial, instrument, flight instructor and multi-engine ratings.  One year I commercial fished on Lopez Island so I purchased a share of the above airplane for transportation from Wenatchee where I was working at the time.  From then on whenever I traveled from Wenatchee I would usually fly since there are few direct routes from Wenatchee by car.  This was a convenient way to get to places.  A couple of years we had spent Christmas Eve at home and Christmas with family in Klamath Falls. When I was transferred to Seattle I no longer needed the airplane so that ended my flying days. 


M with Parents_edited.jpg
Nikki Mom & Me20220422_edited.jpg

L-R Nikki Mike Mom

L-R Mike Richie (Dad) Anita (Mom)

Nikki Mom & Dad_edited.jpg
The 3 of us_edited.jpg
Family Dick me & Nikke20220426_edited.jpg

L-R Dad Mom Dick Nikki Mike Michelle

L-R Nikki Mom Dad

L-R Nikki Mike Dick

Linda & My family20220428_edited.jpg
Dick & I in unifroms_edited.jpg

Mike Cross Country  Skiing

L-R Dad (Richie) Nikki Mom (Anita) Dick

L-R Wendy Darrin Mike Linda Tyler Mike Jr

Dick Family20220422_edited.jpg

My Brother's Family
L-R Michelle Rene Jacqui Dick

Mike With Kids20220422_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

L-R Wendy Mike Mike Jr.

Nikki Family20220422_edited.jpg

L-R Lisa Jack Nikki

Nikki Angel20220426_edited.jpg
The Buggs_edited.jpg

L-R The Bugg Family Brian Lisa Jackson

                My sister Nikki
This picture depicts who she really was.  She
was an angel  who was loved and admired by
everyone.  I am who I am today because of her.
Unfortunately she died at age 47 of ovarian cancer.


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