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                     Are the end times coming?

We live in a time where not much makes any sense:

The homosexual lifestyle is being celebrated.

We’re killing babies through abortion.

We can choose our gender.

Kids as young as five are taught in school that they can choose their gender.

Racism is being taught in schools.

Theft is OK as long as it is under a certain amount

Camping out in the middle of cities is OK.

Law enforcement is bad, but criminals are idolized when they are shot while evading the police

Rioting is not punished. Police are restricted on the means that they can use to control Rioting

Rioters are not sent to prison.

Our borders are open.

We have a senile president who is barely able to manage his day-to-day life much less the country.

We shut down our production of fossil fuels while we don’t have the technology to replace it.

People are being paid not to work.

We have a national debt that we can’t possible pay back.

We have threats of a nuclear war.

We have a global pandemic.

We have politicians that are above the law.

We can no longer believe the press or trust the FBI.

The bible says that God chooses our leaders.  Is Biden God's tool in leading us toward the end times?

The US is the leader of the free world, but will we remain a free country?  When people can no longer pay for their homes will the government take ownership of their homes? (the great reset)?


The end times talks about the mark of the beast.  Right now, we have the technology for that.  In the future will we be required to have a chip before we can purchase food?  Will we be going to digital currency where the government will have the ability to control what we can purchase?


No one knows when the end times will come, but as Jesus says only the Father knows.  I think that we are too far down the rabbit hole to recover.  Are we at the beginning at the end times?  It could be days, months or years.  Personally, I want to be ready.


(Mathew 24:42-44) Jesus said “keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come. 43 But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. 44 So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.


Jesus makes it easy for us to be ready.  John 1:12 says “2 But as many as received him, to them gave he the right to become children of God, even to them that believe on his name.


To put it into simple words we must accept Christ as our personal saviorIf you are ready to accept Christ just say this prayer.  It is a change of lifestyle and a growing experience. 


It is as simple as that.  We don't need works for our salvation, but If saved you will choose to do works.  We are all given gifts.  Using these God given gifts for God's glory makes us a part of the church family.


We no longer need an intercession between us and God.  Prior to Christ the Israelites were required to go to the high priest who went to the Holy of Holies which was separated by a curtain.  When Christ died on the cross that curtain was torn apart so we no longer needed to go to a priest to have our sins forgiven.  (Mark 15:37-38)


Christ is the cornerstone of the Christian Faith (Ephesian 2:20; Luke 20:17).  That should be a basis  for all churches.  Many of the early churches were started by Saul.  Saul was a devout Jew who killed many of the early Christian believers until Christ had appeared to him.  Christ later had changed his name to Paul.  His purpose was to bring Christianity to the Gentiles.  He founded several Christian communities in Asia Minor and Europe. The early churches were where people gathered to share and grow in their faith.  Paul became concerned when people started identifying who they were following  whether it be Paul, Apollos, Cephas or others rather than the emphasis being on the message of Jesus Christ.  That message is being lost today.  We have multiple denominations where often times there is more emphasis on the church and church rules rather than on the message of Jesus Christ. In a perfect world all churches would be like those in Paul's time where people gathered in communities with the sole emphasis being on the teachings of Christ.  There are a lot of good bible believing churches that do so.  I attend Camano Chapel on Camano Island since it is a bible believing church with a sound doctrine based strictly on the bible, which is critical for me.


The end times may or may not be in the near future, but if it is, wouldn’t you want to be ready. When I contracted covid I was not expected to live.  The doctor told me that the next three days were critical.  I was at peace with that since I knew that if I died I would be with Lord not because of works or that I was such a good person, but because of the blood of Christ.  It was comforting to have that peace.


When I was younger, I often thought that the people who came to Christ later in their life were the lucky ones.  They could live the life that they wanted and then come to Christ at the end and go to heaven.  As I grew in my faith, I realized that life is much better with Christ in it.  You are missing out if you wait until you are on your death bed.


Obviously, God was not through with me.  I think that perhaps it was to write this or It may just be because of all the prayers from family and friends.

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