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Mike's Accident

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Mike's Bike

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Mike's Ride

Mike's Story

At the age of 16 Mike was involved in a head on collision while returning home from Lake Chelan.  He was in the front passenger seat which was the side that was primarily impacted.  Mike suffered a brain injury which resulted some left side weakness and some cognitive issues.  In spite of this Mike held whatever jobs that he could handle.  Unfortunately, in one of his jobs he was dealing with a person with whom he should not have been left alone who beat him up.  After this he no longer had the concentration or stamina to hold a job.  Mike became active in a program called the Clubhouse whose purpose was to help those with brain injury to learn how to live independently and productively.  This allowed those who were further along with their brain injury to help those who were just beginning to adjusting to life with a brain injury.  Unfortunately, this program was discontinued due to funding leaving those with brain injuries on their own to deal with their difficulties of daily living with a brain injury. This also left them with a huge gap in their social life.  Mike lives on his own, but misses the interaction of the Clubhouse and the satisfaction of helping others. This gave him a purpose.

Living with a Traumatic Brain Injury

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