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Jan 2024:  My timing may be off, but I stand by this.  It will happen.
Our Country is in serious trouble
Buckle Your Seatbelts:  I expected that we would have a recession in 2023.  That didn't happen because of the unspent covid money and money from the Inflation Reduction Act.  When this runs out and it will soon, we will have a depression.  We cannot afford to support the infusion of illegals into this country.  We will have terrorist attacks which will be devastating, but the country will survive that.  What the country will not survive is the results of the social and economic impact of the illegals.  We don't have the housing for them.  We don't have the education facilities for them.  We don't have the jobs for them.  Also, this many illegals will change the culture of our country.  This will destroy our country.  The dems wanted them for democrat voters, but did they ever consider the impact.  Unless we deport these immigrants the damage to our country is irreparable. 

Housing:  We had a housing bubble where houses were selling well above their value due to the low interest rates.  People could afford these houses because the low interest rates kept the monthly payments low.  The problem is if they have to sell they will have to sell at a loss due to mortgage rates being around 7%.  As in 2008 this will result a lot of people defaulting on their mortgages.

Credit Card Debt:  The average personal credit card debt is over $6,000.  Until people get out of debt their purchases will be limited to necessities which affect businesses' profits & thus will reduce the number of people that they can afford to employ.  

National Debt:  Our National debt is over 31 Trillion dollars.  It increased by over 3 trillion dollars under Biden.  He will try to pay this off by increasing taxes on businesses.  This will increase the cost of goods and make businesses less competitive internationally.  This will also incentivize businesses to move their production out of the US.

Inflation: Annual inflation has increased to around 8% due to Biden's energy policies and infusion of money into the economy.  This will make it all the more difficult for people to get out of debt.

The economists will do their thing. On top of that we need to keep the corporate taxes low.  This will stimulate businesses and make them more competitive internationally.  Also, it will give more incentive for them to keep their operations locally.  The most obvious thing that Biden needs to do is to open up the spigots.  This will reduce inflation by reducing fuel costs and help pay our national debt by exporting oil and gas.

I hope that I am wrong, but this is how I see things happening.  I believe that things will be so bad that people will become dependent on the government for help.  We have paid people not to work so they have little incentive to get off their duff and take what jobs are available.  We have taken in 5 million immigrants.  Very few of these will have jobs so they will become dependent on the government which will lead our country on the path to socialism. This all falls in line with the great reset.

The goal of the WEF is to create a one world order.  They use periods of international instability as windows of opportunity.  The pandemic fell in line with their goals.  I don't think that they had anything to do with where or how the corona virus originated, but I believe that they had a hand on how it was handled.    Throughout the world it created massive debt and destroyed businesses and forced us to rely on the government.  Global warming is another one of their tools.  Not surprising Al Gore is a trustee in the WEF.  I don't know if Al Gore believes in the global warming hoax or if he is just using it as a tool for the WEF.  The cabal know that we don't have the technology to replace fossil fuels and yet we are cutting down on our drilling in favor of the unreliable renewable energy.  The obvious goal of the global warming hoax to create fuel shortages and make us dependent on the government.  Once we become dependent on the government it is just a short step to a one world order which is the ultimate goal of the WEF.

Socialism never works.  Since the US is the last truly free country there will be nowhere to escape.  I believe we are in the first step toward the end times.  I don't think the path that we are going is reversible without God's intervention.  At 81 I know that I don't have long to live, and I am at peace with that.  I faced death earlier this year (2022) when the doctors told me that the next three days were critical.  I looked at my past and briefly thought about my destiny, then I remembered that I will be with the Lord since I have accepted Jesus as my savior.  After that I was at peace and slept well.  I woke up each morning realizing that I am still here.  When we are young, we think that we will live forever, but we don't know when our time will come.  I used to think that those that live a life of earthly pleasures and then accept Christ the last minute were the lucky ones until I became a believer and found a certain peace that makes life much better.

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