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Do the injections do more harm than good?

My goal is to give as much information as possible pro and con re the injection.  Although my bias is against the shot I am trying to be as objective as possible.  I had intended to get the shot myself, but after a considerable amount of reading I had decided against it.  For full disclosure I did not get the shot and got covid.  When I was diagnosed with it I took Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and Budesonide.  None of those worked for me.  I still believe those are effective treatments for some, but they did not work for me.  I got covid pneumonia and nearly died.  In spite of that I don't regret my decision.  I am not obese and generally in good health even though I am eighty I was not fearful when I was diagnosed with covid.  Right or wrong from what I read I had understood my odds of survival were about 94%.  If it were not for excellent care by my doctors I might have been in that 4%.

My view of the injection is that it does not protect you from getting the virus or from being contagious, but  In most cases it does reduce the severity of your reaction to the virus and reduces your chance of death by about 50%.  Those are the positives.  The negatives are that the injection produces the spike protein which is toxic and can cause serious reactions to include blood clotting.  Another negative is that the shots lose their effectiveness in a short period of time and thus the need for continuous boosters.

I have gotten a lot of pressure from doctors to get the shot even though I now have natural immunity.  Why??  I don't understand why kids are being pressured to get the shot when they have a greater chance of a serious reaction to the shot than they would have from covid?  Pharma are making huge profits from this experimental drug.  Is this the reason so much pressure is being made to get people injected???

Since the EUA has been approved there has been 1.9 million reported adverse events out of a 5.118 Billion injected.  That amounts to 1 out of every 269.

In the US there have been 21,745 deaths out of 256,774,441 injected.  That amounts to 1 out of every 11,808.  (Source). 


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